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About Cable Guyz

Our mission at Cable Guyz Communications, Inc. is to earn customer loyalty by exceeding expectations in all phases of cable installation by means of superior craftsmanship, on-time performance, state-of-the-art components and premier customer service.

The primary goal of Cable Guyz Communications, Inc. is to provide value to each and every client by offering Premier Customer Service, superior workmanship and on-time performance at competitive prices.

Craftsmanship is the foundation of our business and commitment to our customers, both large and small; it's what sets us apart. In fact, 80 percent of Cable Guyz Communications growth is directly attributed to the expanding needs of satisfied customers and their referrals.

Our expertise with today's wireless, copper and fiber optic media is the finely-tuned result of installing miles of cable an thousands of jacks; the experience we bring to your project is second to none.

With an experienced team of manufacturer-trained and certified professionals, Cable Guyz Communications, Inc. understands how cabling technology is revolutionizing business and communications. Cabling is now a vital part of all data, voice, security, and video systems-a responsibility we take seriously.

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